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Will I get the same person/team each time?

Sam Capra
Updated 2 months ago
Yes we strive to keep the same person/team in place. A couple scenarios may impact this
  • Sickness/Vacationthat overlaps with a booking we will reach out and ask if you prefer to reschedule or have a temporary cleaning crew fill in. If the latter your regular cleaning crew will pick back up on the next scheduled cleaning
  • Reschedule cleaning- sometimes when you reschedule your cleaning to a different day/time your person/team may be unavailable.
    • Here is how to check your team's availability when rescheduling
Begin the rescheduling process. On Step 2 of form under "Choose Service Provider" select "Specific Provider/Team"
Type in the name of your team
Go to "Select Date" 

Look at dates you are looking to reschedule for

You will see availability

Look for other dates or go back to the top and select "Random Provider/Team". Then select day you would like to reschedule booking for and a random team will be provided.

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