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Is there a checklist?

What is a Sliding Door?

An add on for Glass Sliding Door is listed as optional

What is a French Door?

An add on for Glass French Doors is listed as optional

Do you have a Referral Program?

Logging Into Your Online Account

Can I change my credit card on file?

What if my card is declined during pre-authorization?

How and when do I pay for my cleaning services?

Do you offer house cleaning gift certificates?

What if I am not satisfied with my cleaning?

How will you enter my home on my scheduled days of cleaning?

Do I need to be home the day of cleaning?

What will it cost to have my home cleaned?

Do I need to do anything before you arrive?

What should I expect on my first appointment?

Do you furnish the cleaning supplies?

What is green Home Cleaning?

What is a Flat Rate Service?

What all is included in your cleaning service?

What towns do you service?

Are you insured?

How long have you been cleaning homes?

Is a long-term contract required for service?

Why do you need my mobile number?

Will I get the same person/team each time?

When will I get a booking confirmation?

Is there a penalty for canceling or rescheduling?

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Why do you ask about animals?

What does Animal in home mean?

What does Living Area Mean?

How do I select a date and time?

What if it does not allow the zip I enter?

Why do I have to enter a zip code when booking online?

How do I schedule a home cleaning online?

My Cleaner is Late?

Need to Reach Maid as Needed for Help or Support?

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